What is a Detox Diet Plan?

Detox Diet Plan, Anyone?

detox diet plan

In layman’s terms, whenever you hear somebody talking about a detox diet plan, they are basically talking about a nutritional program in which a person’s body is cleansed of many of the impurities and toxins that accumulate over time.

Depending on who you’re speaking to, they may also speak of cleansing the body of free radicals that accumulate within the body over time. Free radicals can cause cell damage, which in turn leads to premature aging as well as a variety of other health problems.

To rid your body of these free radicals, it is highly recommended that you consume foods that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that counter the effects of free radical damage by neutralizing the free radicals before cell damage occurs. However, this is typically not what people are referring to when they talk about a detox diet plan.

The Liquid Detox Diet Plan

Instead, most people are generally referring to a detox diet plan in which liquids are consumed that are rich in basic nutrients and minerals but that otherwise contain little else. When you stick with this type of diet for several days, it takes the stress off your digestive system. In turn, your digestive system has an opportunity to flush itself out.

All of the food that can accumulate within one’s intestines over time can contain toxins and impurities. This impacted fecal material never really has an opportunity to be flushed out because of the ongoing consumption of more solid food.

This is why a detox diet plan can be so beneficial — it creates a situation whereby your bowels have an opportunity to be flushed of everything that’s in there, without more solid foods being added.

Benefits of a Detox Diet Plan

But are any of the medical benefits associated with a detox diet plan real? Have there been any studies that have clearly shown that this is something that more people should consider doing themselves?

While there is little if any clinical research on detox diet plans, people often report feeling increased energy, improved mental clarity, and weight loss of 3-5 pounds after completing a brief detox diet plan.

As mentioned before, you really don’t want to be on a strict liquid-only detox diet plan for more than two or three days.

Remember, you are simply not going to be getting enough nutrients, calories, or minerals to really sustain a healthy lifestyle if all you do is consume a liquid diet on a daily basis. But by following a detox diet plan for three days every three months, the results can be quite remarkable.

(Note: Nutritional cleanses are an alternative to doing a strict liquid detox, and produce similar results while providing your body with all the nutrients your body requires. Click here to learn more about nutritional cleansing and to shop for nutritional cleansing products.)

Go ahead and try a detox diet today — see how you feel after several days. Not only will you feel a lot more energetic, but you’ll likely lose several pounds during your detox diet plan as well!


Internal Cleansing for Weight Loss

Why Weight Loss and Internal Cleansing Work in Synergy

internal cleansing includes hydrationWhy is internal cleansing considered such an important part of doing a weight loss program these days? It’s because internal cleansing helps weight loss by giving your body a jump start on losing weight.

It’s a lot like a car whose engine is failing to turn over and start when you turn the ignition. You can’t necessarily get the car to start by turning the ignition more slowly or incrementally… and the more you try to start it, the worse the problem gets. What you really need is an outside power source to jump start your engine so you can start your car and get going to your destination.

The same is true when you want to lose weight. You need to give your body and mind that jumpstart that’s necessary to give you both the psychological confidence and physical ability to begin the process of losing weight in earnest.

Internal cleansing is perfect for this, because the fast initial weight loss you experience doing an internal cleanse and detox helps boost your confidence in losing weight, and it also helps you get your metabolism going as well.

By cleansing and detoxing, you are helping your internal organs like your liver and colon to function more effectively. Your liver is directly involved in metabolizing fat, and your colon and intestines help your body absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. By keeping them in tip-top shape with a liver and colon cleansing, you are actually boosting your metabolism.

Losing Weight Fast With Internal Cleansing

Most internal cleansing programs will enable you to lose between 5 pounds and 7 pounds within the first week. This wil boost your confidence and attitude because you’ll see and feel the difference very quickly. Not only that, but internal cleansing will also rid your body of waste and toxins which have accumulated within it over time.

Why is that important? It’s important because some natural health and weight loss experts believe that an accumulation of these toxins within the body contributes to gaining weight and keeping it on.

Fat cells are like the body’s garbage dumps. Toxins and waste you get through your food and environment end up being stored in the fat that accumulates around your waist, hips, and thighs. Carrying all that junk around in your cells can’t be good for you, and may end up accumulating in your blood and tissues as well. As you can imagine it can eventually lead to the overall degradation of your quality of life through contributing to illness and disease.

Losing Weight Through Cleansing Feels Great

Something else that you should be aware of about internal cleansing is that it really feels fantastic to have your body clean and free of all of the things that we just talked about – it just really feels great. That’s important because many times people only want to do things if it makes them feel good. Without a doubt, completing an internal cleansing will really help you feel phenomenal.

Final Thoughts on Losing Weight With Internal Cleansing

You’re probably wondering whether or not internal cleansing is actually safe. That’s a lot like asking whether or not eating less junk food, drinking more water, and engaging in mild exercise is good for you.

Of course internal cleansing is safe! You’re actually doing something that is really good your body. And think about it… what doctor would tell you it’s better to continue leading an unhealthy lifestyle?

So, just do it! Start off with a short 9-day cleanse kit and see how much better you feel afterwards. You owe it to yourself to do an internal cleansing for at least a short nine-day cleanse to jump start your weight loss, improve your health, and to elevate your quality of life.

The Master Cleanse Diet Facts

Facts About The Master Cleanse Diet – What You Need to Know

lemons used for the master cleanse dietHave you heard about the master cleanse diet? It is a diet that is purported to help you to lose fat through detoxing and removing toxic substances from the body. Its proponents say that if you want to cleanse and detox while you lose weight, that this is the cleansing diet for you.

The goal of this article is to tell you what you need to know before you decide to go on the master cleanse diet, what to expect while you’re on it, and to inform you of any better and safer alternatives if you’re still not sure it’s for you.

Various Claims About The Master Cleanse Diet

Apart from the claim that the diet helps to remove harmful and toxic substances form the body, it’s also claimed that the master cleanse diet will help you in getting  rid of any craving you may have for drugs, coffee, tobacco, and alcohol.

But despite all the anecdotal evidence that this cleansing diet does help reduce cravings, there’s no scientific or medical evidence that this is the case. So if you’re thinking of going on this cleanse to help you break a bad habit, you need to strongly consider this before using the diet for this purpose.

On the other hand, one of the chief claims about the master cleanse diet is that it will help you lose weight. This is without a doubt the truth. The reason is that you are consuming so few calories while doing the master cleanse.

The drawback? Bounce-back weight gain once you stop the cleanse and start eating normally again. The fact is, starving yourself can cause your metabolism to crater, and that’s exactly what you’re doing on this cleanse (see below).

Now, if you can discipline yourself to gradually ease back into normal eating, and if you can also discipline yourself to change your formerly bad eating habits and eat clean once you finish the cleanse, you might maintain your weight loss. But, that’s a very big if and highly unlikely in my opinion, based on my 15+ years experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

What Does The Master Cleanse Diet Entail?

The master cleanse diet drink is a sort of lemonade made out of cayenne pepper, grade B maple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. This concoction is mixed together and taken without anything else – it’s all you eat or drink while on the cleanse.

Sometimes people recommend that laxative tea is added to the master cleanse diet. Some even say you can also add saline solution (salt water) to it, and that the saline solution can also be used in place of the laxative tea.  The addition of saline solution has also been claimed by some to help in flushing your lower gastrointestinal tract.

How The Master Cleanse Diet Helps You Lose Weight

The master cleanse diet is lacking in calories and is almost entirely absent of even basic nutrients. Not only is it low in calories, it is also deficient in vitamins and minerals, and entirely lacking in protein or fat.

Because of this nearly complete lack of nutrients, the master cleanse diet certainly goes a long way to helping you lose fat and drop weight fast, which is probably why it has become so popular as a weight loss program.  But once again, there’s a major drawback in the program. That is, you have to follow it consistently for at least a week (a considerable period of time to starve your body of nutrition) before you can even hope to get meaningful weight loss results from the master cleanse diet.

The Master Cleanse Diet Side Effects

The main side effect to the master cleanse diet actually is its negative impact on your health if followed for too long. Short-term (when used for a day or two) it can be helpful as a quick detox. However, the long-term implications and dangers of following an extremely low-calorie and low-nutrient fast are self-evident.

Headaches, nausea, lightheadedness, and dizziness have also been reported as typical master cleanse diet side effects. Such side effects are not uncommon for anyone doing a low-calorie or fasting cleanse or flush.


Hopefully this article has helped shed some light on the master cleanse diet for you. Certainly, if you’re looking to drop weight quickly this cleanse will help you do exactly that. And, for a quick one or two-day cleanse, the master cleanse diet is certainly useful in that regard.

Even so, in my opinion the risks outweigh the benefits when it comes to using this cleanse for more than a day or two. And, I would strongly advise anyone against using it for long-term weight loss, simply because it is not safe to do long-term fasting cleanses without proper medical supervision and monitoring.

In addition, the negative effects such a program may have on your metabolism cannot be overlooked. It won’t do you any good to lose 10 or 15 pounds in a week of fasting, only to gain more right back once you start eating again because your body went into starvation mode.

Bottom line: Starvation diets just don’t work for long-term weight loss. That’s why I prefer nutritional cleansing instead of cleanse and detox programs such as the master cleanse diet for longer cleanses and more permanent weight loss.

Starting Internal Cleansing

Internal Cleansing is a Lifestyle Choice…

Getting started with internal cleansingA great way to start following a healthier lifestyle is to do your first internal cleansing. Cleaning out your system will help it perform better and hopefully you’ll start down a path to health and wellness that may very well extend your life. Cleansing is easy to do, and it has benefits that go far beyond weight loss.

It’s not enough to just look beautiful on the outside. Considering all the toxins we’re exposed to, it’s even more important to take care of yourself inside – and doing so will help to ensure your complete health and well being. And, science is now discovering that the state of your inner body can have a great impact on your outward appearance as well.

Almost everyone has been given the opportunity to live a healthy life style. This is because everyone is presented with the opportunity to make choices. The choices you make are the exact thing that will determine if you are able to live in health or not.

Your health choices may also be a major determinant of how long you live and how you feel on a day-to-day basis as well. Why not make your health choices count? It’s never too late to get on the right track, starting with internal cleansing.

Cleanse Your Way to a Healthier Life!

So how do you start doing internal cleansing? It can can be started through the simplest and most natural of methods – by watching what you eat.

If you want to start on the path of internal cleansing, watch what you eat very carefully. The kind of food you consume goes a long way in determining how healthy you are. It’s become a common practice in our modern world for people to consume excessive amount of sugar and other junk foods, which is the first thing you’ll want to change to start internal cleansing today.

While it may be pleasurable in the moment, eating junk foods only serves to worsen your health and makes you feel bad over the long term. You may end up with obesity issues, and you may also develop diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues caused by inflammatory processes, as diets that are high in sugar cause inflammation.

So, stop eating junk, and start replacing it with fresh, whole, natural, organic foods – that’s the first step to internal cleansing. Speaking of which…

Internal Cleansing Requires Eating Natural Wholesome Foods

The next step on the road to internal cleansing is to start consuming natural foods. Natural foods are those that are purchased as close to their natural state as possible. Anything that is packaged, processed, or that contains additives and preservatives is NOT a natural food!

During internal cleansing, you should be eating a diet that is 90% fresh and natural foods. This includes:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Organic meat and dairy products
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • And, plenty of pure, clean, filtered water

Starting the Cleansing Process

In case you want to go further than eating good diet to cleanse your body internally, it’s time to start yourself on a nutritional cleansing program.

Whatever internal cleansing program you may decide upon, you should always begin the cleansing by eating a clean diet for several days to a week at first, if only to make it easier on you when you start your cleanse. This is so you don’t start flushing a bunch of toxins and waste all at once – it’s better to ease into internal cleansing gently.


Hopefully this has helped you understand how to get started with nutritional cleansing. If you’ll just give the natural internal cleansing methods mentioned above a chance, you can be sure that you’ll end up improving your health in the long run.


What Cleanses and Detoxes Do

Cleanses and Detoxes – What They Do For You

Nutritional drinks for cleanses and detoxesWhat do cleanses and detoxes do in the body? Put simply, they are believed to help to remove toxic substances from the body. Detoxing is believed to help remove toxins from the body and doing a nutritional cleanse will help support your body as harmful substances are eliminated.

Regular nutritional cleansing is part of following a healthier life style. If you feel like you need to improve your health, you may want to get in the groove and consider doing a nutritional cleanse for that purpose.

How Do Cleanses and Detoxes Contribute to Your Health?

They work by giving your body a “break” from all the toxic insults it has to endure every day. A proper nutritional cleanse uses ingredients that are completely from natural sources. That way, you get that much-needed break from toxins so your body can recuperate and rejuvenate.

Because of this, you should avoid ingesting anything that has checmicals, dyes, or preservatives while on your cleanse. It’s common knowledge that these things are bad for you. At the end of the day, you may be wasting your time is you’re cleansing and detoxifying while still eating a bad diet.

To get a thorough cleanse and detox you need to support every part of your body to get your system as completely cleansed and detoxified as possible. However, the different popular cleanses each work on a different part of the body or organ system.

This means you need to use different methods to get each part of the body cleansed and detoxified. Some of the methods available are:

  • the liver gallbladder cleanses,
  • parasite cleansing,
  • Candida albican cleanse,
  • ion cleanse,
  • master cleanse,
  • detox diet,
  • and body detox.

Each of these methods is said to affect a different body system. Herbal methods have also been found helpful in cleansing different organ systems. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more methods that you can employ to get your body cleansed and detoxified.

The Downside to Those Cleanses and Detoxes

Using each of the methods described above can be considerably time-consuming and inconvenient. This is because you may have to carry out each and every one of them before you can get the results you want. Because each of the methods target specific parts of the body and specific kinds of toxins, it can take more than one type of cleanse to get it “right.”

For this reason many people may therefore find it difficult to carry their cleansing and detoxification through. That’s one very good reason to do a comprehensive nutritional cleanse program – it saves you from having to do multiple cleanses back-to-back.

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The Convenient Method To Cleanse and Detox

The problem mentioned above has been addressed by a company known as Isagenix. They have successfully invented a nutritional cleanse method that is a potent cleanse and detox as well.  Many satisfied customers have followed it with very good results.

You can use the same method in order to get your body cleansed and detoxified. You don’t even need to visit any special healthcare practitioner to get it done, although it is recommended that you consult your physician before starting the program.


Now that you are well informed about how to cleanse your body and get it detoxified, the next step is to do it. To achieve greater health, improved energy, and to lose weight, cleanses and detoxes are definitely the way to go.

Liver Cleanse Supplements

Why You Should Consider A Liver Cleanse

liver cleanseThe liver is only second to the brain in how complex its functions are, which is a good reason to take care of your liver with a good liver cleanse.

So what can negatively effect your liver health?

  • Exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Excessive dietary fat intake
  • Exposure to pesticides
  • Imbalanced hormones
  • and Stress

When It Makes Sense To Do A Liver Cleanse

Considering the fact that just about everyone can say they have one of the risk factors on the above list, it makes sense that we should all consider doing a liver cleanse. Many natural health practitioners believe you should consider a liver cleanse if you:

  • Have been told you have a Fatty Liver
  • Use Alcohol or Tobacco Products
  • Are on Medications/Drugs
  • Have been exposed to Environmental Toxins or Chemicals or Second Hand Smoke
  • Have been told you have a history of Liver or Gall Bladder Problems

Supplements Used In Doing A Liver Cleanse


Dandelion root is a hepatic tonic, which is likely due to its high choline content. Dandelion is believed to help the flow and production of bile, which in turn would help conditions such as:

  • liver congestion,
  • bile duct inflammation,
  • hepatitis,
  • gallstones,
  • and jaundice

Milk Thistle

Since the days of the ancient Romans, milk thistle has been used to treat liver dysfunction. There is some evidence that silymarin, a substance found in milk thistle, helps protect the liver from damage caused by excessive alcohol or drug consumption.

Herbalists often have their clients take milk thistle extract to prevent and treat liver disorders including:

  • hepatitis
  • fatty liver
  • and liver damage from drugs and toxins

Closing Thoughts on Liver Cleanse Supplements

A liver cleanse can be beneficial and helpful for overall liver health. But as always, if you believe you have liver problems seek professional medical advice. In addition, be sure to speak with your physician before taking any of the liver cleanse supplements or any other supplement listed on this site.

Colon Cleanse, Anyone?

What You Should Know Before Doing a Colon Cleanse

colon cleanseDifficulty in going to the bathroom getting you down? It may be time for a colon cleanse. It’s not at all uncommon for the average person to have a colon that is impacted with hard fecal matter or sluggish from poor diet and a lack of roughage.

This can lead to numerous health problems. Just for starters, it can make it harder for your intestines to do their job in absorbing nutrients from your food. In addition, it can also lead to feeling bloated, tired, and just plain sluggish.

How a Colon Cleanse Works

The purpose of a colon cleanse is to soften up and remove any impacted fecal material that is stuck to the walls of your lower intestines. Typically, this is done by taking an herbal laxative, which is a gentler and natural way to help your body eliminate waste material.

So what are some herbs that help your body eliminate waste? These include:

  • Cascara sagrada
  • Aloe vera
  • Fenugreek
  • Senna leaf
  • Fennel seed
  • Dandelion root
  • Red clover

You should note that some herbs taken in excessive amounts can be just as hard on your system as an over-the-counter laxative. Expect a movement sometime between six and twelve hours after taking your colon cleanse product.

So, make sure you’re doing your colon cleanse on a day when you can rest and use the facilities when necessary. It may also help to take your colon cleanse product at night before bedtime, so you can move your bowels upon waking.

Taking an herbal colon cleanse formula may cause you to pass rubbery dark stools, which is perfectly normal.

Other Ways to Cleanse Your Colon

You can also help cleanse your colon by simply adding more fiber to your diet. Different forms of fiber you can take to do this include:

  • bran,
  • psyllium,
  • prunes,
  • and any other natural food that lists high amounts of fiber on the package.

Most people need to eat more fiber anyway, so it’s usually a good idea to increase your fiber intake. Increased fiber intake is also known to be associated with lower weight and lower cholesterol levels.

Just taking extra fiber won’t result in a good colon cleanse. Even so, it is still a good idea to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, and to cut junk food completely out of your diet..

Final Thoughts on Doing a Colon Cleanse

Just by getting all that impacted fecal matter out of your lower intestine you’ll be feeling much better and have more energy as well.

Many people also report having less allergy symptoms, skin that looks younger, less skin breakouts, and that they are happier after doing a good colon cleanse program. While your results may vary, you may be pleasantly surprised by how you feel after completing your first colon cleanse.

How to Do a Quick Cleanse

Want To Know How to Do a Quick Cleanse?

quick cleanseIf you want to know how to do a quick cleanse, read this article to find out about quick cleanse secrets that really work.

Doing A Quick Cleanse

For starters, doing a quick cleanse isn’t the ideal way to cleanse your body, nor is it the most effective for weight loss. However, if you want to quickly detox to eliminate toxins, nothing beats a quick cleanse for fast results.

For starters, you should be eating as clean as possible before your cleanse. Quick cleanses can have the effect of flushing out a lot of waste and toxins rapidly, which can be unpleasant if you’ve been eating a poor diet.

The 9-Day Quick Cleanse to Lose Weight

Often people aren’t willing to do a 14-day or 30-day cleanse, but they are more than willing to do a quick cleanse of about a week in length. That’s the idea behind the 9-day cleanse, to quickly get the benefits of nutritional cleansing without having to endure a longer cleansing period.

On the 9-day quick cleanse you’ll be drinking meal replacement shakes to help curb your hunger and provide vital nutrients. You’ll also be taking capsules with a mild colon cleansing formula, and a metabolism accelerator that is gentle and safe. The ingredients in these products are top-notch and this program has a lot of positive reviews because it’s simple and effective.

While this isn’t a comprehensive colon or liver cleanse, it is a great way to get the benefits of a quick cleanse without a lot of side effects or having to take harsh diet pills to lose weight. Click here to get your quick cleanse now.

Master Cleanse Diet 101

Master Cleanse Diet 101 – The Basics

master cleanse dietThe detox cleanse known as the master cleanse diet was invented by the controversial alternative health proponent known as Stanley Burroughs. It’s widely believed to be helpful in getting rid of toxic waste that builds up inside the body.

This is probably the most popular cleanse program, simply for the fact that it’s inexpensive and the components can be found in almost any kitchen or grocery store.

Preparing To Go On The Master Cleanse Diet

Before you start doing the master cleanse diet, be sure to eat a clean diet for at least a week before you start. This includes eating only:

  • Steamed or fresh vegetables and fruit,
  • Avoiding all meat and dairy products,
  • and staying away from all unhealthy foods, including foods with preservatives, that are high in sugar, that are fried, and anything that comes in a paper or plastic wrapper (foods that are not purchased in their natural state).

Doing this first helps your body by reducing the amount of toxins your body has to flush during your cleanse.

What To Eat And Drink While Doing The Master Cleanse Diet

While you’re on the master cleanse diet, here’s the mixture you’ll be drinking:

  • 8 ounces of organic fresh lemon juice
  • A gallon of distilled or purified water
  • 10 tablespoons of organic maple syrup or organic black strap molasses
  • 10 drops of organic cayenne pepper extract per gallon of water

You’ll actually be drinking between eight and 16 eight-oz cups of the master cleanse diet lemonade each and every day. Other than that, you’ll be eating no solid food and drinking all the purified or distilled water you like. Drinking lots of water can help curb hunger, but don’t over-do it (64 ounces a day is plenty). Just doing the master cleanse for a 24-hour period is enough for most people, especially after you’ve been eating clean for the week before your cleanse.

Note: Unless you are fasting under a physician’s direction, it may be unsafe for you to go on with just drinking the master cleanse diet lemonade for a period longer than 24 hours. The reason is there is a real chance of having an electrolyte imbalance if you do any fast for longer than two or three days. That’s why I no longer do this kind of cleanse. Instead, I follow a far simpler nutritional cleanse that does not require prolonged fasting, yet still flushes out toxins and waste and that drops weight like crazy.

Final Thoughts On The Master Cleanse Diet

If you were to ask most Western health care practitioners, they’ll tell you cleansing is not necessary for good health. Having said that, I myself have completed many total body cleanses and continue to fast and cleanse as part of my overall health and wellness program.

But, as always, be sure to consult with your physician before starting the master cleanse diet or any other diet or exercise program.